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สองเรา 7″ EP (Thai film soundtrack)

เศรษฐา ศิระฉายา (Setha Sirachaiyaa) from legendary Thai band The Impossibles moved into smoother sounds in the late 1970s and 80s. This EP 7″ from the film สองเรา (“The Two of Us”) is a perfect example of his lounge-style crooning. The final song on the EP comes from ชัยรัตย์ เทียบเทียม (Chairat Teeibteeim), it continues the vibe but adds an acoustic guitar.

A far cry from the funk and disco sounds of the “Hot Pepper” album,  but enjoyable nonetheless

The 2 of Us EP

Happy Birthday Ying! [all vinyl mix]

Proving that Thai music is up there with the world’s best, this mix brings together Thai Funk, Boogie, Molam and Luk Thung Soul with complementary styles from around the globe.
Starts off rare groove, ends sweaty dance floor . . .

Impossibes “Suk Sa Nit”
Jaan Kuman Instrumental Ensemble “Gloobus” (buy it)
Ramphai Wilaiporn “Lum Won Koi Ai”
Nottz “Joy Road” (part 1) (buy it)
Saroj Jala “Pleng Plern Jai”
Magdy el Hossainy “Music de Carnival” (buy it)
Unknown Thai novelty funk track
Geraldo Pino “Heavy Heavy Heavy”
Sonkiri Seeprajuap “Fon Tok Faa Rong”
Allen Toussaint “Soul Sister”
Sodsai Chaengkij “La La Means I Love You”
Breakdown Brass “Mary Jane” (buy it)
Samai Onwong “Rak Toong Naa”
Hongthong Daoudon “Mai Koy Rak”
Sway Machinery “Youba” (buy it)
Dao Bandon “Bong Ja Bong”
Gil Scott-Heron “Angel Dust”
J Rocc “Thinking in Brazil”
Bonjay “Ingenue” (TK Dark Disco Remix) (buy it)
Benjamin “Love Is Gonna Let You Down” (buy it)
Jesse Boykins III “B4 The Night Is Thru”
Shintaro Sakamoto “Wine Glass Woman”
Cyndi Seui “Shadow Dancer” (feat. Gramaphone Children) (buy it)
Jeedo “Luv U 4 Life” (melody) (buy it)
Disco Dub Band “For The Love Of Money”
The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band “Lam San Ra” (version) (buy it)

Jade self-titled album on House Records

Jade were Hong Kong a band doing funky pop, rock and disco covers in the mid to late 1970s. They put out three albums on the Hong Kong-based House Records. Their self-titled album featured in this post includes a great version of The Delfonics classic “La La Means I Love You” as well as the funky rock cuts “You Can’t Do It Right” and “You Just Can’t Stop It”

La La Means I Love You

You Can’t Do It Right

You Just Can’t Stop It


Guy Naset “Share The Spirit”

Guy Naset is a mystery. None of the Thai record collectors I’ve spoken with have any idea what happened to him after he released this album. Most have never even heard of him. It’s as if he showed-up in Bangkok, recorded a few songs, and then completely disappeared.

Guy Naset’s Share The Spirit album is one of Thailand’s great private press oddities. Firmly rooted in the pop rock genre, songs on the album also flirt with reggae, AOR, country and metal. Notably, the session musicians on the record include a few Thai rock music legends.

All songs composed by: Guy Naset
Lead vocals: Guy Naset
Keyboards: Yo Chiranond
Bass: Mann Boonak
Guitars: Lek Sakdekul
Drums: Nat Boonvanej
Special thanks to (E. guitar, slide guitar, talk box & harmonica): Kitty Kanjanastit
Guitars: Chucky Thanyarat
Guitars: Nupap Savantrasha
Produced by: Yo Chiranond
Recorded at: Sri Siam Studio
Front cover: Sorasin Tantimedh

Selected tracks from the Share The Spirit album:

You aint gonna win

Evil lady

Youre my number one

Somebody killed my sister

Music Queen

Guy Naset share the spirit

ผ่องศรี วรนุช (Pongsee Waranewt) – หัวใจกะเลึ่ยกะลาด / เอายังไงก็ได้

A couple of groovy luk thung jams from Pongsee Waranewt. I like her take on “หัวใจกะเลึ่ยกะลาด” almost as much as Waipod Petchsupan’s version.

ผ่องศรี วรนุช – หัวใจกะเลึ่ยกะลาด

ผ่องศรี วรนุช – เอายังไงก็ได้

ผ่องศรี วรนุช 1ผ่องศรี วรนุช 2ผ่องศรี วรนุช 4ผ่องศรี วรนุช 3