ENCC: Lights On, ‘Unlocking Sustainability: A Transformative Training for Accessible Cultural Centres’ (Poland)

Flyer for Lights On 2024.

Lights On is ENCC - European Network of Cultural Centres’ flagship training and work exchange programme for culture professionals under 35. It involves a five-day immersive training followed by a period of work exchange in a partner organisation.

The 2024 edition will look at the vital role cultural operators play in fostering environmental consciousness and weaving sustainability into the very essence of cultural institutions. By integrating ecological principles, not only can cultural centres contribute to a healthier planet, but also strengthen the social and cultural fabric of their neighbourhoods.

The training will take place in Warsaw, hosted by ENCC member Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty (OKO), a cultural institution under the patronage of the municipality. OKO is dedicated to deepening social bonds and enriching the cultural capital of the local community through a diverse range of grassroots artistic, civic, and social activities. As the host of the training, OKO embodies the fusion of culture, community and sustainability. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with an institution deeply rooted in local heritage, committed to fostering artistic expression, and dedicated to the principles of a sustainable and an eco-conscious future.

Activities calendar:

  • 24 April 2024: Online preparatory meeting.
  • April 2024: Preparatory work before the training (a maximum of 4 hours in total).
  • 13-17 May 2024: Lights On training in Warsaw, Poland.
  • June-October 2024: A minimum of 7 days for exchanges.
  • Before end November: Report and evaluation.

ENCC covers international travel only for members for the training in Warsaw, and international travel for both members and non-members for the staff exchange. Where travel is covered the standard budget is 150 – 200 EUR, rising to 300 EUR for sustainable travel.


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