European Commission: Experts to Support Peer-leaning Visits for Living Spaces Project

Composite image combining a forest environment and a built environment into a sort of opening globe, from which 3 people are emerging.

Are you an expert in quality, sustainable and inclusive built environment with experience working for local and regional authorities? Join the Living Spaces project as an expert on the peer learning visits on architecture and the built environment.

The European Commission and the Living Spaces consortium (Eurocities and the Architects’ Council of Europe) are looking for experts to help prepare, facilitate and report on 12 peer-learning visits in the context of the Living Spaces project.

Motivated professionals with at least 5 years of working experience in the field of architecture and/or the built environment should apply.

Selected experts should have experience in:

  • Architectural policies, and/or urban planning and urban/regional development.
  • Coaching, facilitation, moderation and audience engagement methods.

Experts are entitled to a payment of a fixed price of 750 EUR (VAT excluded) in the form of a lump sum for each full working day spent assisting the Living Spaces project, i.e., for attending the meetings or taking part in the visits or for the preparatory work.

Travel and accommodation for peer learning visits shall be arranged by Living Spaces.


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Share this call: