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ASEAM t-shirts!

We’ve printed a limited run of t-shirts as a fundraiser to cover web-hosting costs for the ASEAM site. If you dig the Archive and want to keep it going, please consider buying a t-shirt from our Big Cartel store or place an order directly at aseam (dot) info (at) gmail (dot) com

As requested we’ve re-printed the Crazy About Records t-shirt from a couple of years ago. This batch is white ink on black rather than silver ink on black. Check them out here

Also available are the Thai Wu-Tang Clan shirts. A flip of the classic W logo, the script is the Thai transliteration of “Wu Tang Clan.” You won’t find these anywhere else. Check them out here

Stickers of the Thai Wu-Tang Clan are here

BP0001 BP0002 W000001 W000002 W000004 W000005

Itchy Band interview

Congratulations on your new CD! Any cool stories from the recording sessions? How has the album been received so far?
hey thanks a lot! We’re still working on getting it out there, but basically everyone says we’re faster and dirtier so that’s cool.  We recorded it in Chiang Mai but the studio was a real hassle to work with…people having no idea of the sound that we’re aiming for and seeming to have no idea how to produce good sounds! But luckily, our drummer got her friend in Canada to fix up the recording! Once everything was finally set up, we recorded the whole thing in about 1 hour.

Does your name have anything to do with Plearn Promdan’s song กลัวดวง or the Butthole Surfers track that samples it?
Nothing! Although that shit is cool.

How up is Itchy Band on the Thai punk scene/history? Do you even consider yourselves to be a Thai punk band?
Ya we’re up on the Thai punk scene, but living in Chiang Mai at the moment, it’s mostly ‘hardcore’ bands, not really taking their cue from punk.  We’d like to get more into the Thai punk circuit for sure.  We’re definitely influenced by punk and have a bunch of punk songs but we’re not a straight-up punk band.

Any recommendations on Chiang Mai or Thai or Southeast Asian bands that ASEAM readers should check for?
Honestly, we’re looking for them too! We like playing with the Sufferer, Chiang Mai punk.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCvIM18kimA

I hear that Itchy Band has a gig on September 6th . . . What’s the occasion? What’s the venue? Who else is on the line-up?
It’s our bass player’s 27th bday party!! So we scraped together a bunch of Chiang Mai punk bands to put on a proper punk night!! Playing with
Thirteen Bastards
The Variacne
Sticky Spew
Chaos Day and

It’s at Pentatonic Rock Bar, which usually does cover bands, but we’re taking over the early part of the night. Hope to see ya there.

Buy the Itchy Band CD or book the band for a gig at itchyband.com

Big thank you to Chris Sujarit for the photos.