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Happy Birthday Ying! [all vinyl mix]

Proving that Thai music is up there with the world’s best, this mix brings together Thai Funk, Boogie, Molam and Luk Thung Soul with complementary styles from around the globe.
Starts off rare groove, ends sweaty dance floor . . .

Impossibes “Suk Sa Nit”
Jaan Kuman Instrumental Ensemble “Gloobus” (buy it)
Ramphai Wilaiporn “Lum Won Koi Ai”
Nottz “Joy Road” (part 1) (buy it)
Saroj Jala “Pleng Plern Jai”
Magdy el Hossainy “Music de Carnival” (buy it)
Unknown Thai novelty funk track
Geraldo Pino “Heavy Heavy Heavy”
Sonkiri Seeprajuap “Fon Tok Faa Rong”
Allen Toussaint “Soul Sister”
Sodsai Chaengkij “La La Means I Love You”
Breakdown Brass “Mary Jane” (buy it)
Samai Onwong “Rak Toong Naa”
Hongthong Daoudon “Mai Koy Rak”
Sway Machinery “Youba” (buy it)
Dao Bandon “Bong Ja Bong”
Gil Scott-Heron “Angel Dust”
J Rocc “Thinking in Brazil”
Bonjay “Ingenue” (TK Dark Disco Remix) (buy it)
Benjamin “Love Is Gonna Let You Down” (buy it)
Jesse Boykins III “B4 The Night Is Thru”
Shintaro Sakamoto “Wine Glass Woman”
Cyndi Seui “Shadow Dancer” (feat. Gramaphone Children) (buy it)
Jeedo “Luv U 4 Life” (melody) (buy it)
Disco Dub Band “For The Love Of Money”
The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band “Lam San Ra” (version) (buy it)

Ueno Interview / Orient Express Beat Tape


I hear you have a new mixtape being released soon, can you talk about the project?

OrientExpressBeatTape is a compilation of beats i made from Southeast Asian music, it will be the first of few volumes about different places on earth and music.


You sample Southeast Asian music for your beats, how do you go about looking for samples?

I used to sample world/ethnic music for a longtime, seeking for different tones that what hiphop offers most of the times. I mostly found my samples on the web, randomly, from link to link, old footages, movies, music…


What are you Top 5 artists and/or albums from Southeast Asia?

Dao Bandon
Siamese Soul
Saigon Rock and Soul
Sin Sisamouth
Plearn Promdan
and many more I don’t even know the names…
Where can readers get the mixtape?

OrientExpressBeatTape at http://ueno1.bandcamp.com/

Other music from Ueno at https://soundcloud.com/uenobeats