Southeast Asian Mixes

ดิสโกเสือร้องไห้ / Di-sic-o Sua Rong-hai / Crying Tiger Disco Crew

Heavy Luk Thung – DiscoSuaRongHai Crew proudly presents an exclusive mix from ishferbrains featuring Luk Thung 45s found at Bu Yost’s Trading Post in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Grawklao Jukebox – An all 45rpm mix of Luk Thung and related styles. Grawklao (กรอกเหล้า) is a figure of speech meaning “to force alcohol down one’s (own) throat to intentionally achieve inebriation.” I imagine this mix as a snapshot of a lively night at a rural Thai watering-hole.

Durian Khaen Soundclash – An all molam mix.

Cross Stitch – The Cross Stitch mix blends together 1970s Thai Luk Thung music and American Soul music in an attempt to contrast their similarities and differences, all while providing the soundtrack for a lively dance party.


Thai mixes

Zudrangma Radio – Streaming archives of shows spanning Thai classics, African and soul jazz

Soi48 mixes – Various mixes from the people behind Soi48

Fly High Thai mix – Mix by Frosty for Dublab’s Field Reports series

Viejos Beats – eclectic Mexican radio program / podcast with significant Thai music content

“Funky Thai 70s Vinyl Mix” – Mix by Jakarta Records

Thai Funk et Cie – from a French radio show

Luk Thung! Thai Funk! #1 – features tracks from Thian mathurot , sunthon chairungrueang & chumthong siangsane, Phumphuang duangchan, Soliha wangkasem & mohamad yamal yusef with the k.t. band.


Southeast Asian mixes

Psychedelic & Folk Music From Southeast Asia – Transient Descent radio show

An Evening At The Fuji Bar: Vietnamese Soul & Go-Go 45s – Mix by ishferbrains

70s Cambodian Psychedelic and Thai Funk Classics – Far Side Radio

New and Re-releases from Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Thailand and Hong Kong – Far Side Radio