Southeast Asian Music

Monrakplengthai – Your first stop for Thai music on cassette.

Radiodiffusion Internasionaal Annexe – Covering the entire world, with a strong Southeast Asian section.

Asian Classical Music in MP3 Format – Artist write-ups and mp3s from many Southeast Asia countries.

Bodega Pop – Blog and radio show with much Southeast Asian content.

Traditional Music & Songs in Laos – Excellent selections from the Archive of Traditional Music in Laos Project.

Stereo-Mono – Covering Southeast Asia.

Far East Psych / Pop / Rock Crossovers – Separate pages covering Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Japan and Korea.

Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock & Roll – documentary on Cambodia’s vibrant pre-Khmer Rouge music scene.

The Living Compilation – Great resource for music from the Philippines. Features mixtape compilations and a kickstarter project about music from Mindanao.

My OPM LP Collection – Extensive photo discography of Pinoy LPs.

Menari Go-Go – Pop Yeh Yeh Research Trip – Great resource on Malaysian music from the 1960s & 1970s.

Boing Boing on the “Pop Yeh Yeh Research Trip” –  A blog post covering the story of Pop Yeh Yeh Research trip and has a bunch of Malaysian pop videos.

Retrospace – Vinyl Dynamite #44: Foreign Tracks – What the title says. Downloads.

Brain Goreng – Download cassettes from Southeast Asia.

Madrotter Treasure Hunt: Treasures found by an expat living in Indonesia – Music from around the world, with a focus on Indonesia.

Stereo Candies – Some posts on music from Southeast Asia, especially Singapore and Hong Kong.

Vintage Sounds: The Revival of Cambodia’s Golden Era –  A blog post on vintage Cambodian music.

Antik Belog – Indonesian albums

Bolingo69 blog – A global music blog with decent Southeast Asian representation. See also, The Luobaniyan Constitution.

My OPM LP Collection – A large photo archive of “Original PinoyMusic” albums.

60’s Filipino pop music at Office Naps – Four streaming Filipino 45s. Also check-out the Exotica Project website.

Garage Hangover’s Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore pages – Sleeve and label scans.

Soi48 – A Japanese language blog about Thai Luk Thung and Molam.

Asian 7″ EPs & singles – Photo album of picture sleeves from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan.

BawHuu – blog post breaking down vocabulary used in Plearn Promdan’s song “Ying Ting”

The 45 Spot – various 45 label galleries including The Philippines, Malaysia & Thailand.

60’s & 70’s Asian Pop Record Covers – Extensive gallery of picture sleeves from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Japan.

Discography of Asian Punk Music – Entries for Southeast Asian countries Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Hip Wax – Discographies of Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese vinyl.

Vinyl Culture: Bangkok – Chris Menist and Maft Sai, the guys behind labels Paradise Bangkok and Zud Rangma, show us around Bangkok and help us navigate the city’s vinyl walls.

Singapore 60s: Andy’s Pop Music Influence – Former guitarist from Singapore groups The Velvetones (Firebyrds), Swallows and Silver Strings writes on musical history from the city-state.

Singapore 60’s pop music hall of fame – articles on pop music groups from the city-state.

I’ve got falling and laughing . . . On Bang! – “On-bang means ‘a sound-plate’ or an analog vinyl record in Japanese. I’m recording the on-bang record of the night on the on-bang blog here just as my digitized diary.”

Irama Nusantara – Rare Indonesian vinyl.

Rare Johnny Guitar EPs – including  streaming tracks.

Southeast Asian Instruments

Musical instruments of the Golden Triangle


Khaen (with lots of other links)

The khene: a short anthropological history


Southeast Asian culture

Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project – photographic archive of stand-alone movie theaters in Southeast Asia.

UC Berkeley Center for Southeast Asian Studies – Blog with news, links, videos and photos that expand understanding of the peoples and countries of Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asianists Unite! – A blog about Southeast Asia.

The Hmong Experience – A photo-blog on Hmong culture. Many great vintage photographs.

Mr Brown Goes Around –  Music? Philosophy? Food?


Books on Southeast Asian Music & Culture

Legends of the Golden Venus by Joseph Pereira

The Garland Handbook of Southeast Asian Music



Cambodia Vintage Music Archive – A non-profit organization collecting and digitizing original Khmer music from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Gitameit Music Center – A non-profit community center and music school in downtown Yangon.

Elastic Cambodia – Preserving and promoting Cambodia’s traditional and contemporary arts.

Cambodian Alliance for the Arts – A website showcasing Khmers in the Creative Arts Industry.

International Council for Traditional Music – A Non-Governmental Organisation in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO, including study groups on Performing Arts of Southeast Asia and Musics of East Asia.

Music Arts School – Providing Khmer and Western music instruction in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The Mountain Music Project – Organization which encourages the preservation of musical traditions in rural and under-served communities throughout the world, with a special focus on mountainous regions.


Record Labels

Indigenius –  Field recordings of ethnic minority music from Southeast Asia.

Strawberry Rain – Great label that has reissued rare and obscure albums from Indonesia and Thailand.

Now Again – Released the excellent “Those Shocking Shaking Days” compilation.

Sahel Sounds – Record label releasing music from the Sahel.

Awesome Tapes from Africa – Blog turned record label.

Academy LPs – Rare African reissues with Voodoo Funk.

Soundway Records – Released the excellent compilations Sound of Siam Volume 1 & 2.

Groove Bunny Records – Chinese hip-hop label.

Dust-to-Digital – Released the stunning Longing for the Past 4-CD compilation and book on Southeast Asian 78s.

Smithsonian Folkways – The seminal field-recording label, with a couple of Southeast Asia titles and many more representing Southeast Asian countries.

Folkway’s UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music – Released recordings from over 70 nations between 1961 and 2003, including a large number from Southeast Asia.

Waterek Production – Cambodian music production company.

El Sur Records – Japanese language world music shop with CDs from Indonesia, Malaysia and a few other Southeast Asian countries.

Kala Bandar Records – The label’s first release Intercontinental Transmissions contains songs from Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia among others.

Metal Postcard Records – Independent, Underground & DIY Music From The Pacific Rim & Beyond



Record Stores

Zudrangma Records – Bangkok retail space and record label with unbeatable selection of original Thai records and reissues.

Tres Kuleros Records & Dry Goods – Vinyl store in Manila.

Article: 10 Best Places to Buy Vinyl Record in Manila – Title says it all.

Forced Exposure – US online record shop with a catalog deep in obscure global music.

Yoga Records – Cool reissue label.

Light in the attic – Distributes Southeast Asian music from the Strawberry Rain and Zudrangma record labels.

Groovy Record – Online record shop with a decent Southeast Asia section

Spinning Wax Online – South East Asian Bands of the 60s & 70s section

Empty Sleeve: “Three Stores in Bangkok” post – Thailand content on a blog about record shops.

Sun Ra Space Bar – Record store located in the Kampot Arts & Music Association building in Kampot, Cambodia.


Everything else

Flash Strap – Exotica and out-there.

ORO – Rare African music.

Awesome Tapes from Africa – Name speaks for itself.

Musica Incognita – Cool global music blog with an Asian tilt.

WFMU’s Mining the Audio Motherlode – Always something you should know about here.

Oriental Traditional Music From LPs & Cassettes – A focus on South Asian and Middle Eastern music.

A Closet of Curiosities – A wide selection of weird music.

Moroccan Tape Stash – Name speaks for itself.

Snap, Crackle & Pop – Global music blog.

Voodoo Funk – West African music. Releasing a series of reissues with Academy LPs.

ACCRA [dot] ALT –  Music and culture from Ghana.

Music From The Third Floor – Immaculately curated Bollywood discography.

The Gramophone Company of India (HMV) Records Listing – Extensive Bollywood discography.

OkayAfrica – Contemporary Africa music overview, from the people who brought you OkayPlayer.

50 Watts – International book design archive. No Southeast Asian content yet.

Hindustani B-Music – Psych/ Jazz/ Surf/ Garage/ Beat/ Electronica from India and Pakistan.

Hindustani Vinyl – Pakistani Lollywood vinyl.

Savage Pix – A Brief History of The Savages (Indian garage / psych band)

International Library of African Music – A research institution devoted to the study of music and oral arts in Africa, it preserves thousands of historical recordings going back to 1929 and supports contemporary fieldwork.

The World’s Jukebox – Vintage recordings of ethnic music.

Folk Catalogue – Stuff about the Argo record label.

Excavated Shellac – A website dedicated to 78rpm recordings of folkloric and vernacular music from around the world.

Berlin Beatet Bestes – Odd German records, with audio.

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