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Johnny Guitar Suphan-Nahong album


T. NOPARATANA (NOPARATANA TIPAYAOSOT) is the Leader of Johnny Guitar. He’s 29 years old and almost six feet tall. He composes, listens politely to what others have to say about his compositions and arrangement, and then insists that they Record Exactly what he wrote and arranged in the first place. He has very definite ideas of his own about almost everything. He plays Electric Organ more than 12 years. He used to be playing with “Bangkok Blue Band” his hobbies include all sports and art. He was born inBangkok.

S. PRASERT (PRASERT SANGKLA) is 19 years old. He plays Lead Guitar. He was born in Surin.

P. KUA  (KUA PHAN-NGARM) is 21 years old. He plays Rhythm Guitar. He was born in Surin.

M. MONGKOL (MONGKOL MOUNGVIROTE) is 20 years old. He plays Bass Guitar. He was born in Bangkok.

A. ANUN (ANUN AMARANONT) is 20 years old. He plays Drums. He was born in Bangkok.

Johnny Guitar is a “KING of STRING BAND” inTHAILAND.

Johnny Guitar started to play string music in 1963.

Johnny Guitar is the first band who gets wonderful and new ideas in string music. They arranged THAI CLASSICAL to be THAI POPULAR (A GO-GO for dancing and listen) Johnny Guitar got twice EXHIBIT in exhibition string band ofTHAILAND.

In 1965 Johnny Guitar got a big succeed in string music. They can get “Golden Shield” from H.R.H. Prince BHANUBANDH YUKOL (HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE OF THAILAND)

In 1966 Johnny Guitar get a big hits from their first Record “SUPHAN NA-HONG” after their first hits. They’re going to have the second Record “LAO CHAREON SRI” which is a biggest hits, biggest sell and biggest demand

Now! Here is the first longplay which is very best, greatest sound for stereo phonic, and best for souvenirs. 

Producer: V. Suchati

Arranger: T. Noparatana

Engineer: K. Visuthi

Cover Design: Lucky Bamboo

Block and Printed by Jera Press Tel. 818042


Johnny Guitar – A1 – Lao Cha Reon Sri

Johnny Guitar – A2 – Lao Kam Hom

Johnny Guitar – A3 – Lao Lod Kai

Johnny Guitar – A4 – Lao Siang Tian

Johnny Guitar – A5 – Kack Chern Chao

Johnny Guitar – A6 – Kack Sa Rai

Johnny Guitar – B1 – Nang Nak

Johnny Guitar – B2 – Dow Tong

Johnny Guitar – B3 – Mon Kla

Johnny Guitar – B4 – Sri Nuon

Johnny Guitar – B5 – Mon Du Dow

Johnny Guitar – B6 – Suphan-Nahong

The Mighty Pioneers recorded live in Bangkok at The L’Amour

Thank you to Bu Yodt for letting me know about this unique piece of Thailand-Philippines musical history. The Mighty Pioneers where a band from the Philippines who regularly played shows in Bangkok. Bu Yodt remembers seeing them play live at clubs in Bangkok in the early 1970s. By the sound of this recording these shows were something to see.

The Mighty Pioneers – i’m a believer

The Mighty Pioneers – the beat goes on

The Mighty Pioneers – tell it like it is

The Mighty Pioneers – that’s the way it goes