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Mookdapan Band presents songs for navy

Mookdapan Band – navy show

Mookdapan Band
Presents . . Songs For Navy

Session . . “The petal never falls from the Phraduu flower”

Made by: Payom Mookda
Sold by: Collesium
Professor Anusorn

Loose translation of lyrics into English:

The Thai Royal Navy is strong
We fight in the sea to protect the country
Everybody is willing to die in this fight

Thailand is like a family
The duty of the soldiers is to protect the country
For 1,500 years the navy protected our country
Remind yourself about the history of the navy from 100 years ago
King Rama the Fourth started the navy
Praya Idsalate Langsan was the first commander of the Thai Navy
King Rama the Fifth developed the navy further
He made the Thai navy a government ministry
The navy members from that time can still remember it
In the year 2,074, the time of King Rama the Sixth
The King incorporated the Navy into the Defense Ministry
He also started the Navy School
King Chulalongkorn gave the school the name Gon Tap Pruha Thai
Now a days, everyone agrees this school is important
As time goes, on the students at this school are the country’s future
The 20th of November is the most important day for the Navy
It is the anniversary of the birth of the Navy
The father of the Thai Navy is called Gkumaluang Chumpon
Everybody pays respect to him although there are also many others involved
The Pradu flower is the symbol of the Navy, he gave the Navy this symbol
When the Pradu flower blooms, everyone knows it’s time to go to protect the country
Now the Pradu has bloomed, and it will never fall
The Pradu flower will bloom permanently, along with the King, the nation and the religion
Followed by the principles of bravery, team spirit and parental respect for the King
If someone violates our ocean borders we will fight to protect them like our ancestors did
We will do our best to make the Thai Navy’s name ring-out