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UNESCO Collection Week 29: Transcending Borders – The Music of Thailand and Laos

ASEAM co-founder Sam Cartmell wrote a guest blog post for the Smithsonian Folkways UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music to mark the republishing of two Southeast Asian recordings – Thailand: The Music of Chieng Mai and Laos: Traditional Music of the South.

Read the blog post here


ชินชัย ธรรมพิลา เสนอหมอลำคณะ เพชร พลาญชัย

Chinchai Thamphila presents the Petch Phalanchai Molam Band . . .

ลำเพินเกี้ยวตำรวจตระเวนชายแดน (Border Police Flirting Lam Plearn by the Petch Phalanchai Molam Band with vocals by Phuanpraka Petchphalanchai)

ลำเพินเรียกแฟน (Calling My Lover Lam Plearn by the Petch Phalanchai Molam Band with vocals by Phimjai Petchphalanchai)


Hill Tribe Music

Re-upped the damaged mp3s from the August 2012 post . . . if you like what you hear please purchase an original CD.

Missing You (Karen – harp)

Before Harvesting (Karen – hom)

Big Feast (Hmong – big gourd-pipe)

Courting (Hmong – jew’s harp)

Good Bye (Hmong – girl singer)

Nice To Meet You (Lahu – gourds-pipe)

Courting (Lahu – jew’s harp)

Courting (Lahu – pipe)

Respect To Elder (Mien – oboe & cymbal)

Marriage (Mien – oboe)

Rock Dance (Mien – oboe & drum & cymbal)

Chikuca (Akha – small gourd-pipe)

Swinging (Akha – group singer)

Rawnum Rosae sae (Akha – group & flute)

New Year (Lisu – big gourd-pipe)

New Year (Lisu – girl & gourd-pipe)

New Year (Lisu – quill sting instrument)

Hill Tribe Music CD sleeve 1

Hill Tribe Music CD sleeve 2 Hill Tribe Music CD