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Jade & Pepper “Cu Cu Cu Choo” b/w “Don’t Tell It” (BAAL-1002)

The third release on the excellent BAAL Records, Jade & Pepper were a October Cherries side-project featuring Jay Shotam and Peter Diaz.


Nestle advertising 45 “grow tall little man”

Issued free with the January 1971 issue of her world

1-1 Grow tall little man (English)

1-2 Grow tall little man (Mandarin – Hokkien – Cantonese)

1-3 Lekas-lah besar (Malay – Tamil – Malay)

1-4 Grow tall little man (music only)

2-1 Go get Milkmaid milk (English)

2-2 Go get Milkmaid milk (Hokkien – Cantonese – Hokkien)

2-3 Beli-lah susu chap junjong (Malay – Tamil – Malay)

2-4 Go get Milkmaid milk (music only)