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Ueno Interview / Orient Express Beat Tape


I hear you have a new mixtape being released soon, can you talk about the project?

OrientExpressBeatTape is a compilation of beats i made from Southeast Asian music, it will be the first of few volumes about different places on earth and music.


You sample Southeast Asian music for your beats, how do you go about looking for samples?

I used to sample world/ethnic music for a longtime, seeking for different tones that what hiphop offers most of the times. I mostly found my samples on the web, randomly, from link to link, old footages, movies, music…


What are you Top 5 artists and/or albums from Southeast Asia?

Dao Bandon
Siamese Soul
Saigon Rock and Soul
Sin Sisamouth
Plearn Promdan
and many more I don’t even know the names…
Where can readers get the mixtape?

OrientExpressBeatTape at

Other music from Ueno at