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ASEAM t-shirts!

We’ve printed a limited run of t-shirts as a fundraiser to cover web-hosting costs for the ASEAM site. If you dig the Archive and want to keep it going, please consider buying a t-shirt from our Big Cartel store or place an order directly at aseam (dot) info (at) gmail (dot) com

As requested we’ve re-printed the Crazy About Records t-shirt from a couple of years ago. This batch is white ink on black rather than silver ink on black. Check them out here

Also available are the Thai Wu-Tang Clan shirts. A flip of the classic W logo, the script is the Thai transliteration of “Wu Tang Clan.” You won’t find these anywhere else. Check them out here

Stickers of the Thai Wu-Tang Clan are here

BP0001 BP0002 W000001 W000002 W000004 W000005

Thee Majestic Five featuring Tony Reed and Buddy Peters “The Belly Dance Beat” & “My Sweet Baby”

The Belly Dance Beat

My Sweet Baby

Thee Majestic Five: This versatile band in wide demand for their music, also backs world famous Thealani Show.

Tony de Valk – lead guitar

Fritz Fredzess – rhythm guitar

Chris Poetoehena – bass guitar

Buddy Pieters – organ

John Milane – drums

Patty & Geraldine “The Deguire Sisters” – bellydancers

Tony Reed & Thee Majestic FiveBuddy Peters & The Majestic FiveThee Majestic Five coverTony & Thee Majestic Five cover

Ueno Interview / Orient Express Beat Tape


I hear you have a new mixtape being released soon, can you talk about the project?

OrientExpressBeatTape is a compilation of beats i made from Southeast Asian music, it will be the first of few volumes about different places on earth and music.


You sample Southeast Asian music for your beats, how do you go about looking for samples?

I used to sample world/ethnic music for a longtime, seeking for different tones that what hiphop offers most of the times. I mostly found my samples on the web, randomly, from link to link, old footages, movies, music…


What are you Top 5 artists and/or albums from Southeast Asia?

Dao Bandon
Siamese Soul
Saigon Rock and Soul
Sin Sisamouth
Plearn Promdan
and many more I don’t even know the names…
Where can readers get the mixtape?

OrientExpressBeatTape at

Other music from Ueno at