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UNESCO Collection Week 29: Transcending Borders – The Music of Thailand and Laos

ASEAM co-founder Sam Cartmell wrote a guest blog post for the Smithsonian Folkways UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music to mark the republishing of two Southeast Asian recordings – Thailand: The Music of Chieng Mai and Laos: Traditional Music of the South.

Read the blog post here


Hill Tribe Music

Re-upped the damaged mp3s from the August 2012 post . . . if you like what you hear please purchase an original CD.

Missing You (Karen – harp)

Before Harvesting (Karen – hom)

Big Feast (Hmong – big gourd-pipe)

Courting (Hmong – jew’s harp)

Good Bye (Hmong – girl singer)

Nice To Meet You (Lahu – gourds-pipe)

Courting (Lahu – jew’s harp)

Courting (Lahu – pipe)

Respect To Elder (Mien – oboe & cymbal)

Marriage (Mien – oboe)

Rock Dance (Mien – oboe & drum & cymbal)

Chikuca (Akha – small gourd-pipe)

Swinging (Akha – group singer)

Rawnum Rosae sae (Akha – group & flute)

New Year (Lisu – big gourd-pipe)

New Year (Lisu – girl & gourd-pipe)

New Year (Lisu – quill sting instrument)

Hill Tribe Music CD sleeve 1

Hill Tribe Music CD sleeve 2 Hill Tribe Music CD

ຄຳເຕີມ ຊານຸບານ “ອ້າຍຊົ່ວຢ່າງໃດ?” & ມ.ສ. ສົມຟອງ “ຢ່າບັງຄັບໃຈ”

ອ້າຍຊົ່ວຢ່າງໃດ? (ai xoua ngang dai?) by ຄຳເຕີມ ຊານຸບານ (khamteum xanoubane) [ส.ส.ส.113]

ຢ່າບັງຄັບໃຈ (ya bangkhap chai) by ມ.ສ. ສົມຟອງ (miss samfong) [ส.ส.ส.114]