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  • Not a toolkit!
    Not a toolkit! Fair collaboration in cultural relations: a reflAction
    Year: 2022
    Online Publications
  • Cover for Fair International Cultural Cooperation - a page of text.
    Fair International Cultural Cooperation
    Year: 2018
    Online Publications
  • Cover for ITI's 2018 Yearbook. Shows a photograph of a man, naked from the waist up, sitting at a restaurant table. Another man, mouth very close to the first man's left ear, appears to be singing into it.
    International Theatre Institute Yearbook 2018: Co_laboration
    ITI Germany
    Year: 2018
    Online Publications
  • Networking and International Cooperation
    European Music Council
    Online Courses
  • Cross-Border Cooperation and Cultural Communities in Europe
    Coppieters Foundation
    Year: 2015