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What are the mobility information points?

Mobility Information Points (MIP) are information centres who aim to tackle the administrative challenges artists and cultural professionals can face when working across borders. The group cooperates to share resources in the European and international context, covering issues such as visas, social security, taxation, and customs rules.

The MIP members vary in terms of their structure. Some are independent organisations, while others are part of existing public bodies. They usually have strong links with their local ministries and governments, as well as with relevant legal experts or consultants.

MIP members meet every 6 to 7 weeks to exchange on the latest regulatory updates or pressing questions. Special meetings with external guests and experts are also planned throughout the year to deal with specific issues. For instance in 2022, issues discussed included visas within the Schengen space (with representatives from DG Home and EAC as well as Pearle*), Brexit (with Latitude Law), and touring with musical instruments (with Pearle* and American League of Orchestras).

MIP representatives often take part in conferences, meetings, markets, workshops (such as WOMEX, Visa for Music, MAMA etc.) - see the events archive for more info.

The group is coordinated by ITI and IGBK, through Touring Artists.

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