MIP Data Report - Preliminary Report Based on Consultations and Events Facilitated by Mobility Info Points (MIPs)

Data report cover.

The MIP Data Report presents some initial data on the activities of Mobility Information Points (MIPs), collected as part of the MIP-Amplifier project. It covers two main fields of work: consultations (in-person or online sessions during which MIPs give individual advice to artists or culture professionals), and events (usually workshops covering specific issues connected to cultural mobility).

Covering data points such as the country of residence, nationality and gender of MIP service users, as well as information on the topics of MIP consultations and events, the goal has been to put in place a system that can capture the scope and reach of MIP activities, highlight recurring issues (and mobility pain points), and in the longer term give insights into mobility paths and how artists and culture professionals move, or want to move, between countries.

As the MIP-A project has run on a short timeline, the report is a preliminary one presenting initial data from the 8 MIPs operating in EU countries. It covers only MIP consultations and events that took place in the two-month period between 1 September - 31 October 2023, during which time there were 303 consultations delivered by 8 MIPs, and 25 events involving 8 MIPs. This is a relatively brief period but gives a snapshot of what the MIPs do, and an idea of how data collection can run in the future.

The report itself has been developed within the scope of the MIP-Amplifier project coordinated by On the Move, in collaboration with two MIPs: Motovila (Slovenia) and touring artists (Germany).

This MIP Data Report can be read in parallel to the MIP Handbook that provides practical tips to strengthen and/or to set up Mobility Info Points in EU countries and internationally.

The MIP-Amplifier project is supported by ECAS - European Citizen Action Service, as part of a financial support to third parties (re-granting) scheme under grant agreement 101104626, of which ECAS is the beneficiary for its EURECA 2023 project (European Citizenship Accelerator). This project receives funding by the Citizenship, Equality, Rights and Values programme of the European Union.

Key figures


consultations were delivered by 8 MIPs in the period from 1 September - 31 October 2023

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Around 4 in 10

consultations involved visa/residence and work permits as a topic.

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of consultations that were for permanent relocation, around a quarter concerned artists-at-risk

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artists, culture professionals and policymakers attended MIP events in a two-month period

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