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ASEAM t-shirts!

We’ve printed a limited run of t-shirts as a fundraiser to cover web-hosting costs for the ASEAM site. If you dig the Archive and want to keep it going, please consider buying a t-shirt from our Big Cartel store or place an order directly at aseam (dot) info (at) gmail (dot) com

As requested we’ve re-printed the Crazy About Records t-shirt from a couple of years ago. This batch is white ink on black rather than silver ink on black. Check them out here

Also available are the Thai Wu-Tang Clan shirts. A flip of the classic W logo, the script is the Thai transliteration of “Wu Tang Clan.” You won’t find these anywhere else. Check them out here

Stickers of the Thai Wu-Tang Clan are here

BP0001 BP0002 W000001 W000002 W000004 W000005

ຄຳເຕີມ ຊານຸບານ “ອ້າຍຊົ່ວຢ່າງໃດ?” & ມ.ສ. ສົມຟອງ “ຢ່າບັງຄັບໃຈ”

ອ້າຍຊົ່ວຢ່າງໃດ? (ai xoua ngang dai?) by ຄຳເຕີມ ຊານຸບານ (khamteum xanoubane) [ส.ส.ส.113]

ຢ່າບັງຄັບໃຈ (ya bangkhap chai) by ມ.ສ. ສົມຟອງ (miss samfong) [ส.ส.ส.114]


Don Sornrabiap SS-1010

หวานแล้วเรา (we’re good together)

เกือบไปไหมล่ะ (ready to go?!)

อุ้ยตายแล้ว (ouch! damn it!)

เธอนึกหรือว่า (what do you think?)

อะไรกันจ๊ะ (what is it sweetheart?)