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Guy Naset “Share The Spirit”

Guy Naset is a mystery. None of the Thai record collectors I’ve spoken with have any idea what happened to him after he released this album. Most have never even heard of him. It’s as if he showed-up in Bangkok, recorded a few songs, and then completely disappeared.

Guy Naset’s Share The Spirit album is one of Thailand’s great private press oddities. Firmly rooted in the pop rock genre, songs on the album also flirt with reggae, AOR, country and metal. Notably, the session musicians on the record include a few Thai rock music legends.

All songs composed by: Guy Naset
Lead vocals: Guy Naset
Keyboards: Yo Chiranond
Bass: Mann Boonak
Guitars: Lek Sakdekul
Drums: Nat Boonvanej
Special thanks to (E. guitar, slide guitar, talk box & harmonica): Kitty Kanjanastit
Guitars: Chucky Thanyarat
Guitars: Nupap Savantrasha
Produced by: Yo Chiranond
Recorded at: Sri Siam Studio
Front cover: Sorasin Tantimedh

Selected tracks from the Share The Spirit album:

You aint gonna win

Evil lady

Youre my number one

Somebody killed my sister

Music Queen

Guy Naset share the spirit

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ຄຳເຕີມ ຊານຸບານ “ອ້າຍຊົ່ວຢ່າງໃດ?” & ມ.ສ. ສົມຟອງ “ຢ່າບັງຄັບໃຈ”

ອ້າຍຊົ່ວຢ່າງໃດ? (ai xoua ngang dai?) by ຄຳເຕີມ ຊານຸບານ (khamteum xanoubane) [ส.ส.ส.113]

ຢ່າບັງຄັບໃຈ (ya bangkhap chai) by ມ.ສ. ສົມຟອງ (miss samfong) [ส.ส.ส.114]


Don Sornrabiap SS-1010

หวานแล้วเรา (we’re good together)

เกือบไปไหมล่ะ (ready to go?!)

อุ้ยตายแล้ว (ouch! damn it!)

เธอนึกหรือว่า (what do you think?)

อะไรกันจ๊ะ (what is it sweetheart?)