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LOY KRATHONG (soul) – Chantana Kitiyaphan & Don Sornrabiab

Chantana Kitiyaphan – LOYKRATHONG

Don Sornrabiab – LOYKRATHONG

November full moonshine

Loykrathong Loykrathong,

And the water high in local river and the klong,

Loy Loykrathong Loy Loykrathong

Loykrathong is here,

And everybody full of cheer,

We’ve together at the klong,

Each one with his Krathong,

As we push away we pray,

We can see a better day.





























The Outsider OST (The Impossibles & Chantana Kitiyapan)

A-1 The Impossibles – I Hate Beautiful Girls

A-2 The Impossibles – The Outsider

A-4 The Impossibles – Give Me a Chance

B-1 The Impossibles – Travelling

B-2 The Impossibles – The Moon

B-3 The Impossibles – Had Baan Pae

B-4 The Impossibles – Music Boat

B-5 The Impossibles – No Answer From Heaven

B-6 The Impossibles – Please Care For Me Darling